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Support Our Troops Poster February 27, 2009

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One Response to “Support Our Troops Poster”

  1. Bob Lezuch Says:

    I just wanted to say that, in my opinion, too many Americans have confused blind support and uninformed allegiance as patriotism. The essential definition of a patriot is “a person who holds the country’s leadership responsible for their actions.” In the case of the war in Iraq, Bush made a tremendous error in attacking Iraq when, in fact, Iraq did not attack the United States and was not behind the 911 tragedy. Most of the suicide bombers who hijacked the airliners were actually of Saudi nationality. However, al-Qeada and the Taliban are stateless movements with no national basis. Bush, having no clear country to label as the aggressor, decided to attack Iraq, making them the scapegoat. Sure, he wanted revenge and closure after his Daddy let Saddam off the hook in the first Gulf War. However, that is no reason to send 4,250 men and women to their deaths under the disguise of “defending our liberty.” Sadly, Iraq is now a more dangerous, volatile country than before the invasion. Iraq is a breeding ground for terrorism because of our involvement. In the end, a Shiite majority will rule the country (as is the definition of democracy) — something Bush Jr. never wanted in the first place. He basically, through macho posturing and ignorance, turned Iraq into a mirror of Bush’s hated enemy, Iran. So, please do not use your talents as a graphic designer to promote violence and injustice in the world. I have worked for 29 years as a graphic designer as well and political advertising usually ended up creating a moral dilemma for my work. Thanks for listening to my comment. I do respect and admire your work as a graphic designer.


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