Brooke Rochon – Graphic Designer


12 Responses to “Girl Scout Troop T-shirt Design”

  1. CACTUSmango Says:

    totally cool! I LOVE THIS B!

  2. Brandi Bryan Says:

    I am co-leader to a girl scout troop here in Bakersfield,CA and I love this t-shirt design. Our girls are 6-9 year olds. How do I go about getting some t-shirts ordered?

  3. maily murray Says:

    hi, I love this camping design. How may I buy the design to use it on my troop shirts?

    thank you,

    maily murray

  4. Debbie Says:

    Love this design. Is it available to use for our girls? Thanks! 🙂

  5. Corbett Says:

    I love this as a brownie leader and as an outdoors woman! Congrats to your girls!

  6. Andrea Says:

    I love this design. The girls in my Brownie troop would love this on a t-shirt. Is this available to purchase?

  7. Katrina Hall Says:

    Hello, I am a troop leader in Porterville, CA and would love to use this design with my troop. How do we go about getting permission to use your logo? Please let me know, and how you prefer us to advertise for you as well when we use it. Thank you.

  8. Cara Kent Says:

    Can we use this for my Girls Scout troop?

  9. Jessica F. Says:

    How do I get permission to use this image?

  10. Teresa Says:

    Love this design. Can my GS troop use it?

  11. Cathy Pasciotty Says:

    We love this! Can we use it for our GS troop t-shirts?

  12. Stephanie Says:

    Is there a min number to order for these awesome shirts?

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